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Sunday School for Brides… Why Hire a Professional Photographer? Part III of III – Editing

The last segment of this series dealing with the issue of why it is important to hire a professional photographer for your wedding has to do with editing.  In this economy, many people are trying to save money every way they can, which is understandable.  I get inquiries from people who think one way to save on their photographer is to receive the images un-edited, which by the way, I don’t do.  But if you are considering a package with a photographer who does, here are a few things to think about regarding this issue…

  • Receiving all the images with no editing and no post-production can be a very overwhelming.  For instance, someone I met after her wedding had taken place ended up hiring me to edit and do post-production on her wedding photos which she had received raw and un-edited.  She had two disks of thousands of photos and she was completely overwhelmed by the task of going through them all and making an album.  So in the end she ended up spending the money anyway.
  • You may think you know Photoshop…. Yes.  Even professionals always need to continue to improve their software skills.  And I am by no means a master Adobe teacher.  However, I have seen so many instances of people messing around in Photoshop and completely destroying an image just because they think it looks cool.  On top of that, professional photographers have a work flow and know how to handle the post-production on hundreds of photos, which could be overwhelming for someone who isn’t use to that kind of work flow.

I have a few reasons why I don’t offer this as an option:

I consider editing and post-production to be as much of a part of the service I offer as a photographer as I do the actual shooting.  This is not just a money-making venture for me, it is a client relationship and a full-service package.  I want my clients to receive something that is useful to them immediately, not something that overwhelms them to the point that they aren’t even able to enjoy what they receive.

I reserve the right to decide what my name goes on.  I am building a business, a style and a brand.  Because of that, you can be assured that I give you the best of the best.  No matter what kind of a rock-star photographer you are, not every single picture taken at a wedding is going to be good or flattering.  That is why we as photographers generally take a lot of photographs and really work it- to give you the client the best photos you can get.

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