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Sunday School for Brides… Albums

I am late on this week’s edition- so I will keep this short and sweet…. Albums are a big consideration when you are looking at packages offered by a wedding photographer. Albums really are a big part of your investment in the photography for your wedding. Everyone in this economy is looking to save money wherever they can, but I will offer some advice to you brides-to-be as to why it is a good idea to include an album in your over-all package…

  • Albums are one of the best tangible things to have once the wedding is over. A disk of images is great- but if you are spending that much to begin with, why not have something that you can hold in your hands that showcases the best of your images.
  • Investing in the album right when you are married will actually save you money. Prices generally go up every year, usually because the wholesale cost of the album for the photographer has gone up. Waiting a year after your wedding, you will generally pay more for your album than you would have if you had included it in your wedding photography package.
  • Professional Photographers have access to vendor-only album companies, which offer the best of the best in products which clients cannot order from themselves.
  • There is much to say about the issue of albums, but these are just a few things to think of in considering what kind of package or options to choose when you hire your photographer.

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