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Sunday School for Brides… Ceremony Photos…

If ceremony photos are especially important to you, it can be helpful for a bride to find out from their officiant what rules exist for photographers before the wedding.

I have my own general set of rules for ceremonies and am careful not to distract from a ceremony as much as possible.  This includes respecting space, and shooting without flash as much as I can.  However, not all photographers are the same.  And, unfortunately, they have ruined it for everyone else and caused many officiants to develop a growing hatred for wedding photographers.  I could write a book on how I have been treated as a professional photographer by wedding officiants (and even organists for that matter).  It can be a very frustrating experience.  However, I always do what I am asked to the best of my ability.  But sometimes this ties my hands in terms of the variety and quality of your ceremony photos.  I am a professional and I do use professional equipment, capable of shooting in low-light situations, but all these things are factors that determine what your ceremony photos look like and what I am able to deliver to you in the end.

Real Story:  I had a client fly me to a different state to shoot her wedding, only to show up and find out that the officiant didn’t want me to shoot at all during the ceremony, he wanted me to “re-create” photos after the ceremony was through.  And everything was running an hour late.  I knew my client would not be ok with that, so I fought (nicely) for my bride’s interests and worked out a compromise.  But it would have been better to work that out before the day of the wedding- I wouldn’t want to bother my bride with such a thing minutes before her wedding.  It certainly cuts down on the drama to deal with it in advance, and it helps me be on the same page with your officiant before I even walk in the door.

Bottom Line:  It is helpful for me to know ahead of time what to anticipate.  If you are not ok with the rules the officiant lays out for the photography, well, brides have more power than photographers.  Nicely state your case in advance.

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