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SUNDAY SCHOOL for brides… Timing is Everything

SUNDAY SCHOOL for brides…

Timing is Everything…

They say timing is everything, and in the world of wedding photography, that is certainly true! One of the most important points I cannot stress
enough to brides is to allow plenty of time in the schedule for photos, and plenty of time in your mind may not be plenty of time in your
photographer’s mind. It is so important to consult your photographer when considering the schedule for the day. This is not because we think your
wedding is all about the photos. In fact, for me at least, it is quite the opposite.

Allotting the right amount of time for photography accomplishes the following things:

    * Giving me a window of time to take care of the necessary family and bridal party formals, but most importantly those really beautiful
      photographs of bride and groom allows me to check those items off the list and release you to actually enjoy your wedding and your guests.
      Beyond those items, I am just there shooting you and your guests enjoying the day, and seeing a couple have fun is fun for me too.

    * I am not a magician. Can I do a lot with very little? Yes. Do I work well under pressure? Yes. However, the more time I have, the more
      variety you get, and the more pictures I shoot, the better the edit.

    * Always keep in mind when scheduling your day that things will inevitably go wrong. People will always be late. Things will not run on time.
      Weather related issues may ensue. When these things happen, it is often me who pays the price.

Think about it this way: you are probably not paying your makeup artist and hair stylists as much as you are paying your photographer, but yet
they are never asked to do their job in less than half the amount of time they actually need. On top of that, you are spending all this time
getting ready, but yet you won’t have the photographs to show for it if you only give me 15 minutes to shoot your portraits.

I just want to encourage brides-to-be, if photography is important to you, get the most out of your investment in your photographer and give them
time. Please look for future notes related to this issue, such as the impact doing a first-look session before the ceremony can have on your
schedule for the day…

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