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Sunday School for Brides…Why hire a professional? Part I – Insurance

The next 3 segments of Sunday School for Brides will deal with the issue of why it is important to hire a professional photographer for your wedding day.  The goal and purpose of these weekly information posts is to help brides –to- be with helpful tips from a photographer’s perspective—ultimately to allow them to get the most for their investment in a wedding photographer.

In this economic climate, people are trying to save money in every way they can.  And in this age of the digital camera, many people can buy a professional grade camera and call themselves a professional photographer.  While everyone gets their start somewhere, I certainly did (although I had 2 degrees in photography and a couple of years worth of assisting under my belt before I shot my first wedding solo), family friends being chosen to be the photographers for the bride and groom’s big day can be risky business, even if they are great photographers..

Part I – Insurance

Many popular venues in the New York Metro area require all the vendors participating in an event to be insured, not only that, but the venue also typically requires to be named specifically as an additionally insured party on that insurance policy.  Many venues are very strict about this policy, as they should be.  If that policy is not on file by the date of the wedding, the photographer may not be able to shoot.  Venues and managers are generally very good about informing brides about their requirements, but it is important for brides to be informed enough to ask their venue as well.  It might be difficult for a non-professional to obtain an adequate insurance policy, and even if they are able to, the cost might be more than they are willing to pay for a one-time event.

Professionals are equipped not only with the policy, but are also well-acquainted with the process of listing venues as additionally insured parties.  Hiring a professional with insurance can save you from any unexpected issues when it comes to meeting the requirements of the venue for your wedding.

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