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Sunday School for Brides… Why Hire a Professional? Part II – Professionals Have Experience Lighting Difficult Situations

This is Part II of a three part installation of a series dealing with why, even in these tough economic times, it is a good investment to hire a professional photographer to photograph your wedding…

Professionals have experience with different (and difficult) lighting situations.  While yes, even someone with experience can’t avoid certain effects based on a lighting situation that is beyond our control.  However, we do know how to use our knowledge and equipment in a way that allows us to do our job with professional results.  Family friends who may be excellent photographers may not have the experience necessary to problem-solve a lighting situation in a high-pressure environment.  This can be a problem when nearly half of the wedding photos are generally taken in a reception situation.

Real Life Example:

One good example of this is when one of my clients moved her reception party out from under a tent (which was lit and also provided a nice soft diffuser for my flash) on to the lawn.  We were not in the city, so there was no ambient light around, only a little light from the house and a few of the trees were lit as well.  Shooting with only an on-camera flash, the guests looked like cut-outs placed on a black background.  However, having prepared for that situation, I brought a stand and a second light, placed it on the lawn and lit the situation that way.  The results were much better and really captured the fun of the party:

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